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Rays of Light

When analysing the physical characteristics of the Light, I want to pay attention on it’s unique features - it’s mechanical effect and wave character of the light activity.

 In 1900 the experiment was made with the thin wing-sheet. This thin sheet was moving when the rays of light was falling on it. This simple experimental demonstration discovers a new perception of the Light as a mechanical source of the movement. The Light makes us move. The Light is the most symbolic phenomenon for me: it’s existence, initial birth and it’s root. In these 7 videos I was trying to transmit my relation with the light through the visual images and symbols, the vision of the world in «The Rays of Light» and the separation of  the light from the dark.

Only the Light allows us to see all that surrounds us. Every music-video is the search of  light and it's waves coming from the Sun to our life. 

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